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Personal finances are employees number one source of stress, according to MetLife’s 17th Annual U.S. Employee Benefits Trends Study based upon interviews with 2,675 employees and 2,500 benefits decision makers.

Reducing your employee’s stress levels around their finances can have a measurable impact on the overall morale and productivity of your workplace

Our Financial Wellness Series can be offered on-site at your business location and offered to all of your employees, or it can be administered via a distance learning format utilizing WebEx technology. Our mission is to provide your employees with an educational platform that affords them the opportunity to make better financial decisions. Our core curriculum includes:

  • Financial Planning Basics
  • Your Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan
  • Investment Basics
  • Retirement Basics
  • Surviving Market Volatility
financial wellness for your workplace

On an as-needed basis we can also expand the universe of topics to include:

  • Estate Planning Basics
  • Women & Money
  • College Planning
  • Social Security
  • Planning for Long-Term Care
  • Planning for Medicare
  • Special Needs Planning
workplace financial wellness

Benefits also include:

  • Co-branding With Your Business to Imprint on Your Employees a Valuable New Employee Benefit
  • Turnkey Employer Invitations and Communication
  • Workbooks (Hard Copy or PDF Format)
  • Participant Evaluation Forms
  • One-to-One Consultations
  • Participants automatically enrolled in Jacobi’s Weekly Financial Wellness Newsletter
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