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While we all can’t wait for retirement to come, the thought of planning for it financially can be a bit overwhelming. Throughout your years of work, you have been paying a social security tax, which goes towards your monthly retirement fund. To some, monthly social security benefits are not a lot. However, there are different ways that you can increase the money you receive from social security each month. With the help of a social security advisor, it is possible to max out the social security benefits you will receive from the government. However, before you click away to search ‘social security advisor near me,’ let’s take a look at how to max it out, the kinds of questions you should be asking, and who you can turn to for help. 


How to Increase Social Security Benefits

One of the easiest ways to increase your social security benefits is to delay your application. You can completely max out your benefits by waiting to apply until you are 70 years old. If you have already started receiving benefits and wish you waited a few more years, you can always suspend your benefit and apply again at a later age. Another way to increase your benefits is by working longer. Since it is based on your 35 highest-paying work years, you can choose to work longer if you can replace one of your lower-earning years. This is especially helpful for people who have breaks in their employment. 


Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Social Security Benefits?

To help you determine if you are getting the most out of your social security benefits, we have listed a series of questions that you can ask a social security advisor. 


  1. Do I have supplemental income from a pension or another job that will affect my social security benefits?
  2. If I am still working, how much can I earn from social security?
  3. How does applying for benefits earlier or later affect my spouse?
  4. If I was employed by the government, will I still receive both benefits?
  5. What does the average person earn each month from social security benefits?
  6. I am divorced. Does that mean anything for social security benefits?


Social Security Benefit Advising at Jacobi Wealth Advisors

At Jacobi Wealth Advisors, we can help you create the perfect plan to max out your social security benefits. Our social security advisors work side-by-side with you to create a strategy that fits your unique needs and financial situation. We want to help you get the most out of your social security for you to have a happy and comfortable retirement. 


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We hope we saved you from searching ‘social security advisor near me’! If you live in Exton or the surrounding area, then Jacobi Wealth Advisors is your go-to firm for unmatched social security advising. Make your retirement stress-free with the help of our advisors. Contact us today to learn more about maxing out your social security benefits with the help of our advisors. 

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