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Jacobi Wealth Advisors is a private wealth management firm serving business owners, families, and individuals in Chester County. We understand the specific challenges that our clients might face every day. We get the added risk and the complexity of being a business owner or individual managing wealth. So many business owners are stuck having the majority of their net worth in their liquid, privately-held company. It’s important to develop a strategic plan for an exit to make sure you monetize your largest assets. This is an important part of your overall path in wealth management. At some point, you will leave your business to go on to do other things. We don’t know how, when, or on what terms. 865 of private business owners do not have a formal exit and succession strategy for their business. Part of our job is figuring out your financial and mental readiness to leave your business. An important part of a good succession and exit is to create a business you can transfer to someone else. Most owners just have a business that is far too dependent on them and struggle to fairly transfer it to someone else. 

At Jacobi Wealth Advisors, We Want to Make a Plan You Can Trust

It is important to have a business plan far ahead of when you wish to exit your business. You need to plan for the ever-changing future, specifically making plans for your business to run properly when you are gone and reduce future risk that could put the transition in dangerous waters. Now is the time to explore your exit planning, not next month or even next year. An unplanned exit may fall upon you and like a will, it’s important to have orders in place. You want to have the peace of mind that your business will run smoothly when you are gone. You also want to make sure that you have planned well financially so that you and your family have money for generations to come. This is part of wealth management. You need to look at who will take on larger roles in the company and figure out who will be left in charge, or in positions of power. A wealth advisor like Jacobi Wealth Advisor has great financial advisors for business owners thinking about leaving their business. The planning process is incredibly important in making sure everything is handled smoothly and there are no surprises that throw you off track and postpone your exit. 

Jacobi Wealth Advisors Would be Happy to Help

It’s best to financially plan for everything ahead of time and to scope out future paths far before they become reality. It’s helpful to have an outside point of view to look at your company from a different perspective. Working with an advisor can give you the necessary information to ensure you choose the best path for you and your business going forward. A lack of a strategic plan can put the business you’ve been working tirelessly on for years in hot water. No business owner wants that when they leave the business, they want to leave it in the best hands, in the best shape possible, and with the best path forward. 

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